Fat & Cancer - Both Transient?

"Thank goodness we are fat and not ugly. Fat is only temporary."

I read this once and thought it was, in a certain sense, true.

The idea is that regardless of how over-weight we may be, most of us have it within our power to lose the extra pounds. We literally decide whether or not we want to continue that way, with some obvious exceptions.

I believe that this realization can be quite liberating for some.

How about cancer? Once afflicted, is it for keeps? I have felt for years that millions of people have transient cancer. The cancer comes and goes without them or anyone else ever knowing. Could it be?

Yes it could! A recent article in the New York Times confirmed my suspicion. Cancer can come and go. It can lie dormant and not progress.

What is interesting is that this information calls into question the holy grail of Big Cancer - "early detection".

How valuable is early detection in some cancers? Many scientists have raised this question over the years. It appears now that it could be the cause of overly aggressive treatment when treatment may not be needed.

The feeling I get is that for Big Pharma and Big Cancer this information is, at the very least, disconcerting. "Aggressive treatment" has always been the battle cry of those on the frontline of the War On Cancer.

We have known for quite some time that just because we inherit our parents genes, we don't have to express them. We can choose to keep them turned off. Now it would appear that we could have millions of cancer survivors we never knew about.

And just because we have some aberrant cells called cancerous, does not mean we have to express cancer.

The best way I can think of to encourage cancer cells to be transient is to be well.

I have noticed in my garden that bugs, ants and even cutter bees only go after the weak plants.

By expressing wellness instead of dis-ease, not only does our body go into fat burning mode, but just maybe it encourages cancer cells to look elsewhere, to lie dormant, or to just go away.

Now there's a thought!