Gomasio - An Insanely Addictine Condiment

Gomasio Recipe

1cup of organic un-hulled raw sesame seeds
1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon Celtic salt

1. Soak sesame seeds overnight.
2. Rinse sesame seeds in a strainer.
3. Empty sesame seeds into a preheated skillet.
4. Stir while browning the seeds. When sufficiently browned, allow to cool
5. Add the Celtic salt to a preheated skillet and stir until completely dry. Allow to cool.
6. Mix the seeds and salt together.
7. Grind the mixture in a coffee grinder on a coarse setting.
8. Place in a glass container and keep refrigerated.

For best results, do not make too much Gomasio at one time. It is delicious when freshly made, and won't go rancid. Although traditional Gomasio recipes call for a 15:1 ratio of seeds to salt, salt yours to taste.