Even Zinzi Wouldn't Eat This

Tonight I committed the cardinal sin of forgetting my chops on the barbecue.

By the time I realized my folly, it was almost too late. My two organic lamb chops had been rendered almost inedible.

Zinzi - Real Smart Dog

That is, until I took them into the kitchen for further inspection. Turns out with a bit of trimming I could rescue the semblance of two chops.

I decided that Zinzi, my black lab, had finally had a rare day free of any major transgressions and so deserved the burned offerings.

Into her bowl went half my dinner.

Believe it or not, she was totally disinterested. In fact she gingerly slunk off into the dark.

No matter how hard I tried to lure her back to her bowl she would not budge.

Wow! Smart dog!

Turns out she avoided consuming a major carcinogen.

As much as we love to barbecue, it comes with a serious caveat. Never eat burned meat! No matter how delicious those darkened pieces may be.

The offending chemical in over cooked barbecue is heterocyclic amines (HCAs). And these chemicals cause cancer. What is even more depressing is that alcohol in the presence of HCAs acts as a promoter of cancer.

So, if you're going to barbecue, don't burn your chops.

Rare lamb chops and savignon blanc. It's worth paying attention.

And Zinzi? Future barbecue guide dog.