Fat, Cholesterol And Statins, The Dark Underbelly Of A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Gone Mad!

For years I've been speaking and writing about the vilification of saturated fat by the medical profession. Admittedly my rantings have had little to no effect. On occasion they've even lead to hate mail and letters to the editor.

A vast amount of scientific literature contradicts the current position taken by most medical doctors and medical institutions, that saturated fat increases your risk of heart disease. This has not stopped well respected doctors and world renowned institutions from continuing to advise the public to go on a low-fat diet, avoid saturated fat and to take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol.

As a result, the world has become sicker and fatter while experiencing no improvement in longevity that can be directly attributed to this advice. Even though there are no studies to prove this, it can be argued that it lowers both longevity and quality of life.

The brainwashing of the public has been relentless. So effective in fact that it's almost impossible to shift the collective consciousness, no matter how much proof exists that saturated fat is highly beneficial when it comes to heart health, that low fat diets typically lead to the consumption of more carbohydrates, the real cause of heart disease and that statins very rarely lead to increased longevity.

This is why I am excited about a new two part Australian film that does an amazing job of examining one of the most controversial medical theories in modern history: that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for your heart and that taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol is a good thing.

Of the myriad of movies made on the subject of fat, cholesterol, heart disease and statins, "Heart Of The Matter" is by far the most engaging. It makes a rock solid case for re-examining our stand on this vital issue. It also throws light on the dark underbelly of a multi-billion dollar industry gone mad.

Heart Of The Matter is a must-watch if you're interested in health and longevity. It is essential viewing for anyone who is currently taking statin drugs to lower their cholesterol. And it should be mandatory for anyone trying to lose weight on a low-fat diet.


Disclaimer: Never go off any medication prior to first consulting your medical doctor. The above information is presented as educational only and should not be taken as medical advice.