10 ADIO Tips For Success

1. No mints or gum are allowed because of the sugar, artificial sweeteners (which make you gain weight) and colors. Use “Herb Pharm Breath Tonic” spray instead. If you must use gum (use “Spry” gum, only occasionally).

2. Alfonso’s is a store that sells flavored balsamic vinegars (they are yummy) perfect for salad dressing without even adding anything—how convenient and they let you taste them before you buy! It is located in St. Phillips Plaza—at Campbell and River.

3. Use only fresh salsa— homemade or from the refrigerated section of the store (check the ingredients and don’t buy if they use sugar or oil).

4. If you haven’t used a pressure cooker, consider it——the new ones are easier to use and cook very quickly with a little water— locking the flavor in really makes the veggies taste great! You can also steam them——but they should never be mushy—al dente is best.

5. Make sure you “prep” for your week by making things you can grab and go. Have hard-boiled eggs ready in your fridge. Cut up veggies for snacks. Have chicken breasts already grilled or cooked. Make salads ahead of time—the lettuce lasts longer this way. Make a couple of the recipes on our website that you can just reheat during the week—soup is always satisfying to go home to.

6. Invest in a couple of new kitchen gadgets to make life easier and food more fun—a tool for making zucchini into noodles—try the spirooli, spiralizer or a mandoline——and only buy organic zucchini because the conventional is probably genetically modified. Try the “Yo Nana”, it makes your berries (with a touch of stevia if you like) into the best consistency sorbet I have ever tasted—what a treat! You can make soda in a “Soda Stream” (just use herbal teas instead of all their sugary stuff). A good “Food Processor” will enable you to make cauliflower mashed potatoes and much more. Shop for used appliances on ebay or in second-hand stores for a great deal.

7. The flavored stevia’s by Sweet Leaf are really fun! Mint tea with chocolate flavored stevia is great! Or try the english toffee in a vanilla tea—delicious! The root beer or cola flavor in Pellegrino water is perfect for that person who misses the taste of soda— and it’s actually healthy.

8. Roast radishes by cutting in half, season, and place flat side down on a sheet pan to roast in the oven—tastes just like potatoes!! Try jicama like this too——cut 1/4 inch thick slices or in match sticks for healthy baked fries.

9. If you are trying to give up gum or smoking—buy “Tea Tree Oil Toothpicks” at the health food store and break into the right size for you to chew on—keeps the mouth busy.

10. There are SO many ways to make this a fun and healthy experience—don’t forget to come to the classes every week for more tips and tricks——and bring your friends!!!!