Possible Challenges When Doing Any ADIO Program

1. Very Important!:
If you are having ANY health challenges currently and/or you are currently taking any medications, please call your doctor immediately, and discuss this program with him/her. Make sure you get their blessing before starting. ADIO Life Center is not a medical facility and therefore cannot assume responsibility for any medical condition.

2. Allergies:
Please check the ingredient labels on all supplements to identify any potential allergens. If you notice any ingredients that you are allergic to in any of the supplements, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assist you in finding alternatives.Do not take these supplements.

3. Supplements and Medications:
Certain supplements could impact the efficacy of the medications you are currently taking, and others could be contraindicated. If you are currently under the care of a physician or are taking medications, it is your responsibility to check with your doctor PRIOR to starting this program to make sure that the supplements you will be taking pose no risk. Never stop taking medications or supplements prescribed by your doctor without first consulting him/her.THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Always check with your doctor prior to starting a new supplement.

4. Blood Thinners:
If you are on any blood thinning medications, you will need to have the levels of these medications monitored very carefully by your doctor. A healthy diet comprised of real food as well as certain supplements could impact the effect of these drugs.

5. Diabetes:
If you have diabetes and you are taking insulin or other diabetes medications it is important that you and your doctor closely monitor your blood sugar levels as these will most likely change. Eating real food can lower blood sugar levels dramatically – a sign of health.

6. Medications,Food And Weight Loss:
It is possible that, as one loses weight, the effects of certain medications could change. This is why it is important to be in touch with your doctor for the duration of this program in case changes to your medications or diet need to be made. Ask your doctor if there are any foods that need to be avoided. If so, please inform the staff at ADIO immediately. Do not eat such foods.

7. High Blood Pressure:
It is very common to see blood pressure levels drop dramatically during and after 
theprogram.If you are currently taking blood pressure medications, speak to your doctor about this 
program prior to starting since your blood pressure will have to be monitored.

8. Constipation:
We do not want this to happen! Please take this very seriously! Occasionally a high 
fiber diet can cause constipation when someone is not accustomed to these foods. Make sure you are 
drinking plenty of water (8-10 glasses/day). If you go one day without a BM let us know immediately, 
stop taking the whole food fiber, buy some “Smooth Move” tea at any health food store and start taking 
it until the problem is resolved. The next option is to purchase a bottle of liquid magnesium citrate 
from any drug store. Drink this at night before bed, and in most cases, this should solve the problem by 
the morning. If this does not work, do daily enemas and/or get a colonic irrigation. If you have a 
history of constipation or you have not had a bowel movement in 36 hours, contact your doctor 
immediately, don’t wait! If you have been prescribed laxatives, do not discontinue without first 
speaking to your doctor.

9. Difficulty Swallowing Capsules:
Do not swallow handfuls of capsules! The outer coating of the 
capsules may become sticky and can get stuck if not enough water and food is taken at the same time.
 Take them one at a time with plenty of water and/or food.

10. Nausea:
This is uncommon; however, some of us have sensitive palates and stomachs. If the shakes 
or capsules make you nauseous or cause you to throw up, stop taking them immediately and let us 
know that you are having a challenge. Always remember: the capsules and shakes are comprised of 
organically grown real food. If the challenge is just with the capsules it is probably because you are 
not taking them with enough food/water. In this case try taking all the capsules one at a time with the 
shake instead of with water. If this does not resolve the problem stop taking them and speak to us 

11. Lack of Energy/Getting Hungry:
A decrease in energy can happen a few days into the program and is 
quite common. Since you have removed all the artificial stimulants from your diet you will feel the 
effects for a few days.When your energy returns it will be real, natural energy. If it continues you 
are not eating enough food.Never let this happen. This is not a low calorie “diet”. The foods 
included in the program can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Nutrient dense foods are usually not high 
in calories. To get enough calories it is important to eat very large helpings of fruits and vegetables in 
a one to two ratio.

12. Headaches:
You may experience a headache a few days into the program as a result of toxins being 
eliminated from your system.If the headache is severe and persistent it is usually caused by the 
elimination of caffeine. If this is the case, resume drinking your usual caffeinated beverage in an 
amount that is sufficient to eliminate the headache.As your headaches diminish, slowly wean 
yourself off the caffeine.

13. Cold Sores:
While uncommon, if you get a cold sore during or after the program, it is usually due to a 
lack of l-lysine in your diet. L-lysine (an amino acid) is readily available at all health food stores and 
can be taken by anyone.

14. Food:It is your responsibility to heed the advice of your healthcare professional when it comes to changing your diet. If you have been instructed to eat or not to eat certain foods, or to limit the intake of certain foods, we do not want to contradict that advice. Please let us know if any of our recommendations are contrary to what you have been instructed to do by your physician, so that we can find alternatives.

I understand and accept that the above challenges could occur during my ADIO Program and that I alone am responsible for my decision to start the ADIO Program. I agree to do my part, as outlined above to minimize these challenges and to speak to my doctor prior to starting this program and to make sure I am in communication with my doctor/health care provider during the course of the program. I understand that ADIO Life Center is unable to make medical decisions, give medical advice or take any responsibility for any current medical condition I may have.