10 Day Programs FAQs

Q. I cannot do the required three shakes on my program. I'm too full. What do I do?
The shakes are not designed as a meal replacement. Do what you can, but make sure you're getting enough. This is not a low calorie diet!

Q. I'm on medications. Should I go off them while I'm doing the 10 Day Program?
. Absolutely not! Only your doctor can advise you about what to do with your medications. You should speak to your doctor prior to embarking on any dietary changes or a new supplement regimen. The two of you should be monitoring your medications closely during this program to facilitate any necessary changes in the dosages.

Q. I'm on medication for my blood sugar and or blood pressure. I know my blood sugar/blood pressure is dropping. Should I lower my medication?
No! Call your doctor immediately and discuss this with him/her. Your doctor will tell you if and when to lower your medication.

Q. I have been on the 10 Day Program for a few days and feel worse than when I started. Is this normal?
It is quite common. Some of us feel worse for a short while before we start feeling better. This is usually due to toxins leaving the body, which is a good thing. It could also be due to the fact that you have gone off sugar and/or caffeine. The length of time it takes to feel better depends on how "toxic" our lifestyle was prior to starting.

Q. I feel nausea after I eat. I never felt this before.
A. If one has been eating mostly refined foods and starts introducing "real" whole foods suddenly, it could take a little getting used to. All the foods used on the 10 Day Program are healthy, good foods. However, it is important that we get enough to eat. So instead of not eating, find foods on the list and eat the one's you like that don't give you nausea.

Q. I've always had normal bowel movements. Since going on the program I am having constipation/diarrhea. What's up?
It is quite common when we change our diet that we can have a short spell of either of the above. We do not want this to continue for longer than 24 hrs. If it does, call us immediately and we'll help get you back on track.

Q. I'm feeling light-headed/dizzy. What should I do.
A. Whether you are on medications or not, this could mean your blood sugar levels are too low. If you are taking medications, call your doctor immediately and discuss the situation with him/her. If you are not on medications or under a doctor's care for blood sugar issues, have something to eat immediately. Preferably protein. If the dizziness is severe, drink some fruit juice. In order for this not to happen during this program, you need to make sure you are getting enough to eat. This is not a low calorie diet. Don't go hungry. If you are hypoglycemic have frequent small meals. Spread your food intake over the course of the day.

Q. Why can I not eat fruit as a snack on the Phase 1 Eating Plan?
Fruit is high in sugar. Phase 1 is for those of us who want to lose weight as well. On Phase 2 one can have a limited amount of fruit as a snack. But don't overdo it! Sugar is a challenge, regardless of the source.

Q. If I miss a shake should I still take my supplements?
Absolutely, you can still take your supplements with or without the shake, but it is best to get 2-3 shakes in per day.

Q. Do I have to have 3 shakes per day?
Yes, it is best if you do because the program is designed to have optimal results at 3 shakes.

Q. Can I eat meat?
A. Yes, you can eat meat - choose lean meat like fish and poultry, organic, free-range if possible (keeping the portions about the size and thickness of your palm). However, for optimal weight loss, consider removing all animal protein - you are obtaining protein from SP Complete and you can add additional Whey Pro if more is needed.

Q. Am I allowed fruit during the 10 days?
On Phase 1, fruits should be limited to the lowest glycemic index fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries - avoid bananas, apples, and cherries because of their higher glycemic index. It would be helpful to look up the carbohydrate content and glycemic index for a fruit before including it in your diet during the 10 days. Ideally, your shakes will be made with a small amount of fruit and water.

Q. Can I use something besides fruit and water to make my shakes?
Yes, you can include vegetables like kale, spinach, cucumber, etc. However, refrain from using fruit juices because of the high sugar content. Water is the best liquid to use.

Q. Are there recipes?
Yes, there are some on our website that can be utilized for this program. You'll need your username and password which we have sent you. If you have forgotten these, they can be retrieved at the login. Still having trouble, email us and we'll get them to you.

Q. How will I know if this program is working?
There are many benefits to this program that you should be aware of including clearer thinking, weight loss, improved blood sugar management, less cravings, improved lab results, and more energy - all indications that your body is becoming healthier and more vital.

Q. Will I lose weight on this program and if so, how much?
This varies from person to person. There are many factors that determine weight loss, but this program will assist in weight management. However, usually the side effect of eliminating toxins and managing your blood sugar more effectively is weight loss.