John Courtney On Calcifood

"Calcifood is an excellent product for bone building. This was created as a powder, but today it comes in wafers as well. It is raw veal bone flour. We take spines and ribs of veal, grind them up into frozen bones that look like hamburger, and we then dry them in a sigmoid dryer with the addition of defatted wheat germ to absorb the marrow, because otherwise it is too greasy to handle. Then we grind this mixture into a fine powder in the stone flour mill and sell it as Calcifood powder. This is an unheated bone meal, and to my knowledge, the only one that is available anywhere. Everybody else uses steam bone meal.

Just for the record, I will tell you how steam bone meal is made so that you can see the contrast. A butcher in a butcher shop cuts off meat to make hamburger and throws the bones in a bone box. Somebody comes along and buys these from him for a few cents a pound. They take them and put them in a big vat with water, then they boil them for two or three weeks.

Everything that is soluble comes out of these bones in the juice. This is dried. This is what they call gelatin. Everything that is not soluble is still in the bones, so they take these bones that have been boiled for a couple of weeks and grind them up and sell them as veal bone. Now, there is nothing soluble in this bone meal, or it would have come out. So people are wasting their time and effort. This stuff is totally worthless. In fact, it is not even good for fertilizer.

At that point it is just like sand: there is nothing digestible in it. The people buy this thinking that they are buying bone meal. To my knowledge everybody's, except ours, is like that. But Calcifood is raw. This is uncooked and it is the whole bone with the marrow in it. With the marrow in it, naturally, this helps our bones with red cell building because we build these in marrow. Do not overlook this product. A couple of tablespoons a day is excellent for bone building."

John Courtney worked at Standard Process for 40 years as Dr. Royal Lees "right hand man", retiring at the age of 80. The above quote is one of his conversations about nutrition dating back a few decades.

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