Long Distance Clients

Since 1988 ADIO has had thousands of 'long distance' clients. At first they were referred to as 'Snow Birds.' These fortunate winter visitors to Tucson got to spend the hot summers in cooler climes. Over the years, through necessity, many new systems were developed to assist these clients while they were gone. So was born the 'ADIO Online' or long distance program in 2007.

Today ADIO has clients scattered all over the globe, some of whom the ADIO Team never get to meet in person. With the help of modern technology this has become a large and exciting part of ADIO. Most of the services offered to clients who live in Tucson, are also made available to long distance clients.

The success of ADIO Online is largely dependent on good communication and the willingness of our clients to embrace new concepts in healthcare. The success of the program is a great source of pride at ADIO. The future looks even brighter as technology rapidly expands and improves, giving rise to a boom in what has become known as "Distance Medicine."

ADIO is dedicated to helping those in need, irrespective of where they live. Should you be interested in the ADIO Online program, please contact us for a detailed overview.