Client Stories

These testimonials are not staged, scripted or rehearsed. The participants are randomly chosen. They are real clients with real names and real stories. At ADIO Life Center we see a variety of interesting cases. Most come to see us for weight loss and belly fat reduction. Some have other issues that respond very well to The ADIO Method. We have included some of these here.

By sharing these stories, ADIO Life Center does not suggest that everyone who participates in any of our programs will achieve the same results since these can vary dramatically. The ADIO Method is a non-therapeutic approach to wellness and does not diagnose or treat any ailment, illness or disease. The fact that anyone responds so well to the ADIO Method is testament to the body’s innate ability to heal, given the opportunity.

Marilyn: "You Changed My Life" John: Lost 49lbs - "This Is Different" Pam:"My Doctors Mouth Dropped"

Paula:Lost 43lbs-Spinal Injuries Improve Dorothy: Lost 41lbs-"Changed My Life"
Jim: Lost 59lbs - "I'm In Shock""
Debbie: Lost 30lbs - Skin Improves Averill: Lost 57lbs In 90 Days Israel: Lost 59lbs