About Us

ADIO Life Center was born in Tucson in 1988 as one of the worlds busiest Chiropractic practices. It has slowly evolved into a Wellness Weight Loss Center where 80% of the clients have weight loss as their primary goal. Although rooted in it's philosophy, ADIO Life Center no longer provides Chiropractic care.

20% of the ADIO clientelle have a variety of health issues other than weight gain and have chosen the ADIO Method as a means towards health and wellness. Irrespective of the ailment, having a healthy body can play a major role in overcoming some of the worst health challenges imaginable and the ADIO Method is an attractive option for those wanting a more natural and holistic approach.

The ADIO philosophy: Permanent weight loss is a result of a body that is functioning properly and like any other health challenge, the first step is to get well.